Writing SEO Article and Get Some Money from It

SEO article writing jobs, it sounds like a perfect job for writing enthusiasts. People with the good writing skill must be able to get this job easily. In this time, these jobs are also available online. If you interested, you can get this job in the crowd source platform such as Freelancer and the similar ones. But of course, you need more than just a good writing skill.


Having the good writing skill and the capability to deliver a story are just the beginning. More than it, you need excellent knowledge about SEO too. Learn about how search engine works will really helpful.

But of course, you just need to understand the basic and the principal of search engine. That’s all. So, it will not be difficult.

How Search Engine Works

The use of search engine is really basic. Enter the keyword, and the related information from the several websites will be displayed on the screen. From here, you will see one thing. Search engine works by keywords. It searches information based on it.

Articles with the more related links also have the higher chance to reach the high position in the search engine result. But more keywords is not always good. Modern search engines are getting smarter. It will not be fooled only with this trick.

This is why putting too many keywords in an article will place this article in a spam list. It will not be displayed on the search engine result for sure. Title, sub headings and the beginning or the ending of the article are the best place to put keyword. Search engine prefer these positions than the others. This is not without reason. Anyway, the main idea of an article will always be presented on the beginning or the ending of the article. Beside it, title and sub heading are the representations of the content.

Looking for SEO Article Writing Jobs

Look for article writing job is not difficult, especially in this time. You can find it online or in the crowd source freelance platform. In here, the various article writing jobs are available. You can choose the most interesting one. But of course, you have to compete with the other freelancers too.


Having the good skill is not enough. You must be able to prove your skill too. Portfolio and reputation are two things that improve your competency. If this is the first time for you, it will be a little bit difficult. But you can do it by taking the easy jobs.

Getting SEO article writing jobs can also be made by building your own service. Make a website for this and promote your service through social media or the other ones. Promotion will help you to get more attention. It improves the brand awareness. Beside it, it is good to expand your business too. Getting a writing job can also be made by registering your articles to a certain media. If your article is good and published on the media, you will be paid. These are a few ways to find SEO article writing jobs.

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